Make Travel Roller your best friend in 2011-Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year – 2011!

Its a “NEW YEAR” and time for a “NEW YOU” and a “NEW TRAVEL ROLLER!” Many of you have already set some ambitious goals and are excited about raising the bar with their fitness, health and life for the coming year!

Its never been a better time in Fitness to Roll! If you are incorporating daily recovery and regeneration techniques into your life you will not only be healthier, be happier you will be pain free!

I suggest before you go out and and run a marathon, climb the peak of a mountain, do a fitness show, lose that last 10pds, start a healthy diet, reduce back pain, or compete in a triathlon — You take a total body assessment of your current state of fitness including muscle tension, nagging chronic injuries, and movement patterns. Ask your self.. Are my quads tight? IT bands ache? Do I have Back pain? Do my feet hurt? Am I chronically overweight/inflamed? If they do…then why not fix it before it gets worse! If you address you individual issues FIRST then you will be able to achieve your goals and dreams faster, better and long term!

Travel Roller Tips for 2011:

1) Get Energized. To accomplish all your goals with ease and success your muscles need to be loose and free on a daily basis. Roll if there is Pain, Fatigue or you are seeking Pleasure! Travel Roller will make you feel more youthful and energized!

2) Travel Roller Before Exercise -10 min prep on the Travel Roller – Gets you Aware, Activated and Aligned! Make it part of your training Routine. (Try- 10 mins Quick Travel Roller)- engage your core, roll through calves and hamstrings and quads, use side to side rocking action to get deep into the fibers of tight, sleepy tissues. Then add (10 mins Core Engagement/Glute Activation) followed by dynamic movements. Then you are ready to begin your day or your Workout!

3) Travel Roller Post Exercise Regeneration– 20-40mins (evening) Gets you Recovered, Renewed and Ready for the next day of training! Spend more time on areas that get chonically overloaded -Feet, Calves, Quads. Use patient and gentle pressure for extended periods of release. You will be amazed how free your back will feel without even rolling it!

4) Travel Roller KIT– Using the Travel Roller in Combo with the 3 Density Acupressure Balls is the simplist and most effective way to release the entire body and can be the most valuable tool you have for training in 2011! Try the Acu balls on your back, shoulders, feet and hamstrings in a long car ride, in a chair at work or in an airplane! The Travel Roller is not only amazing for travel but in your living room while watching TV or reading a book! Life is busy- but you always can find Time2Roll with the Travel Roller!!

5) Get Re-Aligned. Use the Travel Roller often and whenever you have tension or need to Get Re-aligned! Make it a habit to roll on the Travel Roller before bed! Just like bushing your teeth, roll you body, especially your spine! You will be amazed on how well you sleep and the energy you will have in the morning!

6) Get Educated. If you need help on technique- Watch the NEW Advanced “This is how we roll” DVD, consult a trainer, physio/chiro or a friend who has a Travel Roller!! Remember no body knows your body like you do! The more you know and the more you explore your body – the more effective the Travel Roller will be for you!

7) Rolling is FUN. Roll with your team, spouse, family/children, training partner or while listening to music! (Choose activating music in Pre-Workout and Relaxing/calming music for recovery!) Share your Travel Roller Success and knowlege with others. Go for your dreams and enjoy the ride in 2011!!

*Make sure you check out the NEW Human Friendly Travel Rollers!! The new design is even more luxurious!!

Have a Wonderful New Year Everyone!! Keep on Rolling in 2011!

Arysta Bogner-Wood, B. Kin, HLC1


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