Effective Back Pain Relief with the Travel Roller

The NEW Travel Roller 4.3 is the most effective tool for relieving back pain!! Here is why:

1) The TR 4.3 has been specifically designed to be the most ‘ergonomically correct’ body roller making it ideal for Thoracic extensions for anyone under 6’5″. Most foam rollers are too big and too soft for people who are under 6’5.

2) The Travel Roller now has a double thick (thin) layer- So it is soft enough for comfort but hard enough for deep muscle and skeletal release. (Remember the thicker and more spungy the foam the more changeable the roller and least effective on your body.) -Also allows the user for ‘Hard or Soft’ Settings, for controlled comfort.

3) The Travel Roller ‘Does NOT Deform’ or lose its compression/shape/feel. It stays consistant like the forearm of your therapist. If the roller you are using is too big or too soft you will be wasteing your time and not achieving the results you want like with the use of the Travel Roller!

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