This Is Why We Roll

This Is Why We Roll

Top five reasons why Foam Rolling is good for your health:

Have you ever wondered why you see so many people foamrolling out their muscles at the gym? Well read on and find out!

1) Increased Blood Flow

Everyone knows that blood is what delivers oxygen to your tissues. But blood is no one-trick pony! It has many functions in the body, everything from moving nutrients, to keeping you warm, to getting rid of toxins. Now, when your muscles, fascia (tissue surrounding muscle), tendons and ligaments get “tight,” they knot up, forming adhesion’s. That will restrict blood flow to the areas that need it most! It can even compress arteries and strain your heart! Yikes! Myofascial release (medical jargon for “muscle rolling”) improves blood flow, thereby getting nutrients to the area, removing metabolic waste and relieving strain on the heart!

2) Pain Relief!

Ever bend down to pick up your dropped wallet and feel like you might never make it back up again? Oh muscle pain can be terrible! And, as happy as those little wooden people on Robaxacet ads look, taking a pill is only going to treat the symptom, not the cause. Getting to the root of the problem requires treating those shortened muscles causing you pain. Muscle rolling lengthens muscle tissue and fascia, preventing and correcting muscle imbalance that causes pain. So don’t reach for a pill, reach for a cure and roll out!

3) No More Nerve Tingling

It’s funny, as a kid, having your foot fall asleep was a hilarious feeling. Now as an adult, you’re terrified you’ll never get feeling back! That feeling can be caused by tension or compression on nerves as a result of pressure from fascial adhesion’s. Nerve tension can be related to everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to sciatica. Releasing pressure on those nerves relieves pain and tingling, and bring new “awareness” to the area.

4) Easy Energy!

Us TravelRollers like to say a quick rollout session provides some Easy Energy. Unlocking all those tight, deep muscle fibres, getting your core muscles firing, releasing good hormones, all of those things add up to a youthful, energizing feeling. Think about how great you feel after a good workout… it’s the same with a solid 10 minute roll out session. Try it!

5) It’s Fun!

A pre or post-workout roll is the perfect time to get focused for a workout or wind down afterwards. Or you can fit it in to any other part of your day: while chatting with your training partner, spouse, team or friend; watching TV; planning your day; listening to music; all while receiving the benefits the TravelRoller provides!

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