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Calgary, Alberta – Monday Nov. 28, 2011 – Frequent fliers take notice! Popular columnist and adventure addict Bruce Kirkby named The Travel Roller as an essential item for travelers in the November 26th issue of the Globe and Mail.

The Canadian writer, adventurer and author of two national bestselling novels states that the Travel Roller leaves him ‘as refreshed as an hour-long professional massage.’

Mr. Kirkby’s article is especially relevant for frequent fliers and drivers that spend more than one consecutive hour behind the wheel. Long periods of sitting cause tightening and shortening of muscles, tendons and ligaments, particularly in the hips, back and neck. The Travel Roller’s compact, durable and lightweight design make it the ideal tool to stretch out the body after sitting for long durations.




Heavy packing is needed for a two week raft journey down the Alsek River in Canada’s North.

Bruce Kirkby

Take just the basics when you travel (especially when they’re this cool)
bruce kirkby
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Regular readers won’t be surprised to learn that I’m not overly fussy about what’s in my luggage. I tend to get by with whatever I have. I take less than I think I’ll need, and buy what I’m missing on the road. This is especially true in exotic locations where a sweater doubles as a great souvenir back home.

While I’m a “basics” traveler, there are fundamental differences between what I pack for a business trip, a budget backpacking venture, a resort holiday and a major wilderness expedition. Anything that eases the rigors of business travel is good. The more “home-like” each day is, the better.

But too many treats from home can weigh a traveler down, creating a cocoon that limits the opportunity for spontaneous and unexpected interaction. I see people who bring everything to their tent or their room in a resort – their favorite pillow, music, movies, books – and then never venture beyond the front zipper or door. Why did they bother to go to Kathmandu? Suck it up and get outside!

Here are the items I can’t go without, depending on the type of trip:


Travel Roller

I make an effort to exercise every day, and 10 minutes on one of these portable foam rollers – which break down inter-cellular adhesion’s in muscles, as well as deliver a whooping self-massage – leave me feeling as refreshed as an hour-long professional massage. Also, a quick roll is magically rejuvenating after a long flight, or before hopping into bed.

Mac Air

At last, a computer that easily fits on a tray table (with no worry of being hit by the chair back in front of you). It turns on almost instantly and weighs little more than a paperback. No single item has revolutionized my travel as much as this tiny computer, allowing me to be productive from takeoff to landing even on cross-Canada flights. (I wrote this column in the air between Calgary and Winnipeg.) Every minute saved aloft is one I can spend with my family at home.


If you are going to carry the Mac Air abroad, consider protecting it in the uber-stylish BookBook, a hardback case disguised as a leather-bound vintage book. I appreciate the fact my laptop remains incognito, and I know the BookBook must be cool because every single security agent comments on it.


Blunnies are comfy, and don’t set the security alarm off. They are easy to slip in and out of even in a cramped airline seat. Black ones are dressy enough for a conference and rugged enough to hike in.

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