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Wednesday, Dec 7, 2011

Canada’s Top Athletes Secret to Staying Healthy – Rolling on the Road

Calgary, AB – For high performance winter athletes, staying healthy throughout the entire season is very
difficult to achieve, especially when you’re hurdling down a track at 125km/h on a daily basis. Their secret
to ensuring a healthy season on the road can be found in their carry-on – a  Travel Roller.
Three-time Olympian and Canadian skiing icon, Jan Hudec, knows the true definition of ‘rehabilitation’.
Over the last eight years, Jan has experienced a number of broken bones and six knee surgeries, four of
which were full reconstructions.

“I’ve been skiing since I was two and racing since the age of five. I know a few things about the excitement
and pain of competitive sports. Physiotherapy has become my life and a necessity to function at a worldclass
level. Whether or not I have access to our top physiotherapists, I know I can always rely on my Travel
Roller. It’s functional, compact, and it acts as my ‘physiotherapist’ when I’m on the hill, in the ski lodge, or
anywhere the World Cup tour takes me. It’s my lifeline for function and muscle performance.”

The Travel Roller’s compact design allows users to take their self-massaging tool wherever they go.
Spanning just over a foot in length, the Travel Roller is ideal for anyone who is ‘on the go’. Whether it’s after
a long plane ride or a crash on corner five, the Travel Roller can massage the entire body – quads, IT band,
lower back, upper back, shoulders, hamstrings, calves, feet, and neck. After a quick ‘rollout’, users feel
refreshed and free of any soreness or tightness.

The Travel Roller is ideal for rehabilitation, but it also helps to keep the body fresh and loose for people who
want to get rid of any muscle soreness or pain.

Olympian and Team Canada speed skater, Anastasia Bucsis, gravitated towards the Travel Roller ever
since she found out about it’s positive effects.

“It’s like having a professional massage therapist in your gym bag. As soon as I have any tightness in my
muscles, I rollout for 10-15 minutes, use the massage balls for another 10 minutes and my pain is gone,”
said Bucsis. “I started ‘rolling out’ before I got involved with competitive skating. Once I discovered how
fresh it made my muscles feel, I was hooked. And it’s not just athletes who can benefit from the Travel
Roller. Anyone who has any soreness in their muscles can feel the effects.”

Since its inception in 2007, the Fitterfirst Travel Roller has been a must-have item for any competitive
athlete. Team sets have been sold to the Canadian Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge teams, Canadian Womenʼs
Hockey team, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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