The Explosion of Crossfit

Like the fashion industry, fitness and health is often a fad-based line of business. Remember trampoline jumpers? How popular step aerobics were? What about Tae-Bo? Each of those sprinted onto the scene just long enough for the next fad to take the baton. And while some may scoff at them now, the bottom line is each craze got more people interested in fitness, helping the industry along the way.

Over the past few years Crossfit has grown exponentially, cementing its place as the newest trend. You can see why; quick, structured workouts are ideal for today’s busy society. So whether you love it or loathe it, you can’t deny that it certainly has gotten people talking about getting in shape.

Why Travel Rollers loves Crossfit followers, (“Crossfitters?”) so much is because they are perfect clientele for the Travel Roller. They’re often on the move, rushing from workout to workplace and living out of their bag. They also know that their intense workout sessions depend on rejuvenated and refreshed muscles. Because the Travel Roller is so compact and does such a great job of helping to repair muscle damage caused by exercise, we find Crossfitters are huge fans of the Travel Roller!

Brad, a 24-year-old Crossfit enthusiast, is the perfect example. He throws his water bottle inside the hollow Travel Roller and tosses both in his backpack.

“After a workout, I just pull it out of my backpack and roll out wherever I’m off to next; school, work or before my soccer game”

Hey, however you use a Travel Roller, we’re just happy you’re using it! Your muscles are too!

So while Crossfit and crossfitters like Brad look like they will be here to stay, there’s bound to be a new idea on the horizon. It’s exciting to think what the New Year could bring! In the meantime, from us at Travel Roller, we say thanks Crossfit! Not only for using our Travel Roller, but also for getting people interested in health and fitness!

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