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Good things come in less big packages

I’m one of those guys that if I won the lottery and no longer had to work for a living, I’d spend more time exercising. As a result, I get owies.

I have a low back that is the envy of 90-year olds the world over, except I’m 43. We recently went to DisneyWorld and all those stupid roller coasters really messed up my neck. I like to lift heavy and lift often; I run like my pants are on fire and my perfect day is using my bike to get lost on purpose.

I never come home from a ski day until all the muscle fibres in my legs are vaporized.

Like I said, owies. Pain. It’s a fact of life and would only be worse if I spent my life on the couch. The cool thing is, there are things that can help reduce the pain. Things you don’t have to be a workout warrior to need or take advantage of. Enter, Travel Roller.

I got mine a little over a month ago and it’s been good for my low back, and my roller-coaster-whipped neck is feeling much better. We have one of those monstrous big rollers that I never really liked, and the thing isn’t exactly travel friendly either.

Speaking of which, we took it with us on a recent trip to BC. Had we brought the aforementioned big roller it would have meant leaving a kid behind.

Don’t just take my word for it either. My wife, a family physician, likes the Travel Roller much better than the big one. Even if you don’t plan to see the world with it the device is great just for having around the house.

Get one.

James S. Fell

Author of “In-Your-Face Fitness” for the Los Angeles Times

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