Krys Kolanos Joins Calgary Flames

Krys Kolanos, outstanding athlete and friend/user of Travel Roller, made his dream come true the other day when he signed with the Calgary Flames. A fomer first round pick, the 30-year-old had to battle back from microfracture surgery on his hip to return to the league.

You can bet it was extraordinary willpower, a stubbornly positive attitude, and a passionate love for the game of hockey that got Krys back on the ice. (He may have used the Travel Roller to rehab a bit as well 😉 …)

Read about his incredible journey back from injury in this excellent article by Vicki Hall.

Against All Odds, Flames Krys Kolanos Gets Another Shot

Or watch him frustrate Patrick Roy so bad on a penalty shot he throws his stick

Krys Kolanos Makes Patrick Roy Cry Like A Baby

And here he is on the Travel Roller! All the best Krys!

Photography by Kristian Bogner © 2008

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