Rob Riches: Foam Rolling won’t make you soft.

The odd time we hear from people that think rolling your muscles makes you soft. That somehow rolling will make you look weak or that they can actually be a detriment to your workout.

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Often we try to explain the advantages, like releasing muscle tension will assist in hypertrophy (increased muscle size) or that the increased oxygen flow helps strength and endurance training in a bunch of ways. But a lot of times, it’s easier to let someone that looks like Adonis just show them how rolling out helps.

That’s where Rob Riches comes in. If anyone looks like Adonis (Greek god of beauty and desire, by the way) it’s Rob. The guy is cut up like a jigsaw puzzle! When those people see that he uses the Travel Roller before, during and after his exercise routine, they usually listen. You’ll listen too, once you see Mr. Riches’ legs in this video…

“It’s almost as intense as the actual exercise itself…” – Rob Riches, on the Travel Roller


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