Hockey Recovery, Travel Roller is Top Shelf

Hockey players truly are amazing athletes. There is so much variance in the sport that players can be completely different builds and sizes but still be competitive in their position. That said, as many differences as there are, there are also many similarities. The same energy systems and same muscles are needed to excel, whether it’s during a 45 second shift or putting a slapper top shelf.
Those similarities help athletic therapists and strength coaches identify weaknesses that often span across all hockey players. Chief among those weaknesses? Often it’s the hip flexors, gluteus medius and groin.

Krys Kolanos Hockey

Think about the way a hockey player is positioned on the ice. Crouched, leaning slightly forward, driving their legs back and away from the body. It is, of course, not a natural movement. Muscle imbalances can develop easily. For example, think of the crouch players are in; it shortens the hip flexors, inhibits the glutes in the process and can lead to low back pain and anterior knee pain.

That’s why the Travel Roller complements hockey players’ training so well. The high density roller is ideal for rolling out big movers that can always use treatment; quads, hamstrings, back etc. The acupressure balls are perfect for getting into those small, isolated places that require localized pressure; hip flexors, gluteus medius, groin etc.

It’s no wonder the Travel Roller is so popular among hockey players. And hey, if that means a few less games lost to injury, we’re happy to help.

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