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Sometimes the best way to figure out what people think about your product is to just ask them! We took the Travel Roller out to a couple fitness centers in town to get people to try it and see what they had to say.

The worst thing about foam rollers is they just don’t dig deep enough. I like (the Travel Roller) because it’s hard enough for a deep massage and I can take my bodyweight off if I want less pressure.

– Jon T., Engineer & avid cyclist

It’s lighter than I thought it would be just by looking at it. I like the idea of stuffing it full of socks in my suitcase…wouldn’t take up much space at all. And I’m always so stiff after any flight over 5 hours. This would help a lot.

– John C., Energy Trader

The blue colour is pretty!

– Isla, 3, waiting for her mom

I can see how these things would be more durable than a foam roller. We’re replacing our foam rollers every year at least.

– Kevin S., Gym Manager

These (acupressure) balls work great on my glutes! I normally use tennis balls but they just aren’t hard enough and break after a couple weeks.

– Crystal D., Speed skater

I spend so much time sitting down that I can actually feel muscles in my back knot up. Just having this in my office might be enough to get me stretching every day.

– Mike R., lawyer

However they wanted to use it, it seemed like everyone found a different reason to love the Travel Roller! But one thing they could all agree on that it definitely is a great massage tool!

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