Olympic off-season Training: Justin Kripps

Off season training with for the Sochi Olympics. With a last name as cool-sounding as Kripps, it’s almost mandatory to have a cool profession to match. Think motorcycle tester, rock band producer or, perhaps coolest of all, professional athlete. Canadian Justin Kripps is living up to his name as a national team member on Canada’s very successful bobsled team.

Kripps finished 5th in the Vancouver Olympics as a brakeman and is now a driver with his eyes set on Sochi, Russia in 2014. He knows that he needs to pack as much training as possible into the next two years if he wants to be competitive at the Olympics.

You can’t train when you’re hurt, so as Kripps explains in his video blog, he uses the Travel Roller as an injury prevention tool. A Canada Bobsleigh athlete AND he uses the Travel Roller? Wow, he IS cool!

Take a minute to visit Justin Kripps and learn about his journey to the Sochi Olympics at his website: www.justinkripps.ca

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