Road To London Games

Less than a month to go until London 2012 and the country is buzzing about medal hopefuls at the upcoming Olympic London Games.

The opportunity of a lifetime awaits those athletes that will make the trip overseas but for every one athlete that will be on that flight, there are dozens that just missed the cut. It is with a heavy heart that those athletes realize they may never get a chance to fulfill their Olympic dreams.

Ohenewa Akuffo knows that feeling all too well. The ten-time national wrestling champion and 2008 Olympian finished second at Olympic Trials this year, not quite good enough in the extremely competitive world of women’s wrestling.

So you won’t see Akuffo competing in London but you will see the impact she’s had on the sport. She’s strengthened the competition, inspired future wrestlers and served as an excellent role model. She embodies every virtue of the Olympics: excellence, sportsmanship, passion.

That’s why we love that Ohenawa Akuffo is also a Travel Roller athlete. Because we believe that Travel Roller athletes don’t need to be at the top of the podium to be champions. We support all athletes that continue to follow their dreams! Way to go, Ohenewa!

Akuffo Poster

Visit Ohenewa’s website to stay up to date with her wrestling!

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