Water Ski Jumping: Ryan Dodd

If you’d like to see what’s at the top of the list for sports I’d be too scared to try, check out water ski jump champ Ryan Dodd fly 216 feet at night!

Want to recover faster from your next ski set? Experience the Travel Roller. Masters jump champ Ryan Dodd says it’s an essential part of his training and well-being. “As a three-event skier, having my knees and back in working order is priority number one,” says Dodd. “I use the Travel Roller before I ski to help loosen up and also after my set to decrease tension and cramps and maintain flexibility. I like the fact that it’s extremely portable, and I can take it all over the world when I travel to tournaments.” Combine stretching, strengthening and massage by trying the Travel Roller today.

The young Canadian was recently featured on waterskimag.com talking about how Travel Roller plays an important role in his recovery. Check out the article here! Here’s a picture of Dodd loosening up after one of his workouts.


Keep up with Ryan Dodd on his blog! www.ryandodd.com

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