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When you travel as much as I do, there are a few things you get to know well: the best airport bars (Vino Volo in Seattle,, the best tips to travel light (, the airlines with the smallest overhead compartments (Southwest).
I also know the best way to pack my beat up old carry-on. Here’s a picture:


You’ll notice the essentials: toiletries, change of shoes, some reading material (Highline Magazine, by the way. Incredible photography), the usual stuff. You’ll also see that green cylinder in the middle. That, my friends, is my trusted Travel Roller. It’s a self-massage tool that I’ve found to be absolutely indispensable on the road. Whether I’m flying to run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon, or headed to Toronto to talk business during a Jays game, I always pack my Travel Roller.

Why am I such a I’m a big fan? Well I love having something to loosen up with in my hotel room after a flight and before my training runs on the road. But the absolute best part? All the stuff I keep inside! It’s hard on the outside so it keeps everything inside safe and sound. I put all my fragile stuff in there. Here’s what I took on this trip:


one Travel Roller acupressure ball
two ties
one Canon SD2000 point and shoot (super durable!)
my eyeglasses
GPS watch (Forerunner 305)
heart rate monitor

Sure beats trying to hide all that stuff between clothes only to have the eyeglasses get bent anyway.

TravelRoller, thank you for giving a busy businessman a means to take care of his body on the road. I like the way you roll!

Dan Reid,
Project Manager
Endress and Hauser

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