Women’s Health Features Travel Roller

foam roller comparisonWhen one of the top health and wellness magazines in the world features your product there are two acceptable reactions:

1. an enthusiastic but controlled victory fist-pump
2. throwing your head back into a eagle call of triumph

Be careful not to do both simultaneously like we did. We’re still trying to roll out the kinks in our necks.
All silliness aside however, we are very proud to have Women’s Health, the premier women’s fitness magazine in North America, feature the Travel Roller as a great health tool. To check out the article click here!


Clockwise from top

1. On the Go
Throw this adjustable-density foam roller into your carry-on, putting spare workout clothes in its hollow center. Travel Roller, $45, travelroller.com

2. All in One
A massage stick (for hard-to-reach spots) nestled inside a low-density foam roller (for less-intense pressure), stashed inside a traditional high-density roller. Genius. Gold’s Gym 3-ln-l Foam Roller, $30,

3. For Our Foam-Roller Workout
This 36-inch, high-density foam roller is long enough for your entire back and durable enough to last for years. (The firmness may be uncomfortable for newbies at first.) Axis Roller Black Series, $20,

4. At the Office
Roll this over tense or tender muscles to target everything from neck pain to tight calves—without leaving your desk. TP Massage Ball, $25,

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