Human Friendly Foam Roller

You may have read in the blog posting below, The Fitness Industry’s Biggest Secret, about how toxic many fitness products can be. Many of these products are poor-quality, mass-produced imitations, of good, responsible products. They are extremely hazardous not only because of the materials listed in the blog below but also because they break down faster, leaving the buyer with a poor quality, toxic product that’s not doing the job it was bought for.

Travel Roller is very proud to say it is completely human friendly. That means no PVC, no Heavy Metals, no Glue, Phthalates, Rubber, Latex or Dioxins. There is no off-gassing of chemicals and the foam and core is 3rd party, MSDS tested to ensure top quality safety. That means It’s 100% safe for the environment, for your home and for your kids! Feel confident rolling your skin on a Travel Roller!

It took nearly four years of development to perfect the Travel Roller as a human friendly, environmentally friendly fitness tool. Development that included trips to manufacturers and products, testing of materials and innumerable hours of research and design. But Travel Roller inventors Adam and Arysta believe strongly in a safe, healthy product. The extra time, expenditures and effort are worth it to ensure the Travel Roller is the best quality myofascial release tool in the industry.

If Adam and Arysta could pass on one message it would be to please take care of your body and use quality products. Don’t undo the effort you put into your body by poisoning it with unnatural, unhealthy chemicals found in cheap fitness tools. Whatever tool you use for myofascial release, be it Travel Roller or not, please be a responsible consumer and research it’s components. Make sure it is safe for you and your family.

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