Team Canada Bobsleigh Puts On A Show

Road to Scochi Olympics in Russia. Ever seen a bobsledder in the weight room? Let me give you an idea of what it’s like.

Picture an athlete infused with the power of one… no two, cheetahs, inspired by gorilla, multiplied by extreme, all to the power of lightning. Plus roller coaster intensity. That’s what a bobsledder does in the gym.

This video taken at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Alberta shows Team Canada Bobsleigh going through their testing. Cleans, sled drags, sled pushes, everything. Even without the music, you can feel the intensity, especially when things peak right around 1:16.

The reason we’re posting it is because when these finely tuned athletic machines aren’t launching medicine balls into orbit or breaking the sound barrier while pulling a sled, they’re rolling out on the Travel Roller! And when you see these behemoths cleaning the weight of a small hippo, maybe you’ll start to think maybe they’re on to something.

So click on the picture to check out the video!


Big thanks to TeamKripps Bobsleigh and all the members of Team Canada Bobsleigh. Keep pushing for Sochi, gents!

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