FACT: Foam Rolling Increases Range of Motion

Believe it or not, there are some naysayers out there that say foam rolling isn’t effective. They say that science hasn’t demonstrated any empirical evidence to show that foam rolling improves muscle performance.

Well I hope they said it eloquently because they are about to eat their words.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a well executed study out of Memorial University in Newfoundland, effectively proving that foam rolling increases range of motion without hurting muscle performance! That’s right! Roll out before a workout and you’ll get better range of motion without losing any strength!

Even more interesting, the range of motion increase wasn’t a piddly 3 or 4 percent but a whopping 10%! Yowza! And that was after just two minutes of self-myofascial release with a roller.

There are three things you should take from this study:

1. For better workouts that will lead to better performance: roll out before and during a workout. (For visual proof, check out Travel Roller athlete Rob Riches give an example during his workout here. Prepare yourself, he’s intense!)

2. Foam rolling works!

3. Don’t listen to know-it-alls, listen to science!

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