Athletes Know How to Get Loose!

A member of Canada’s National Speed Skating Team team once said to me, “you know a hotel is going to be good if they have a complimentary shoe buffer in the room. That’s the first thing I look for. For some reason, if they offer it, they usually have a great hotel.”

That’s the kind of comment you can expect from an athlete that might be in Heerenveen, Netherlands one week and Sochi, Russia the next. It’s not surprising they look for little things to make their traveling a little easier.

Canada’s National Rowing Championships were held at Elk Lake near Victoria, BC last weekend. Some of Canada’s best were there to race, including Olympian Will Dean and Carolyn Ganes . I managed to snap a picture of one of the athletes in town to compete.

He’s using the Travel Roller to loosen and lengthen his quad muscles before a race. When you’re flying around to competitions, racing in places that might not have therapy equipment and staying in small hotels, it pays to have a compact, portable way to help you perform at your best.


It certainly looks like this guy has the right idea. And that makes us smile. One of Travel Roller’s goals is to help athletes succeed by providing them with a practical way to take care of their bodies. Which is why it’s such an amazing feeling when we see it happening.

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