Cold Roller Recovery

Think you’ve used the Travel Roller every way you can? Rolled every muscle? Hit every trigger point? Stripped one foam layer off for a more intense release? Kudos to you Travel Roller Phenom! We are impressed. But I have one question for you:

Has your Travel Roller ever been in the freezer?

That’s right, Mr. or Mrs. TR-Pro. It is perfectly safe to throw your Travel Roller in the freezer with your grass-fed beef, your homemade chili (that one’s a fav) and your brown bananas.

Here’s how to do it:

Remove the two foam layers
Place the PVC-free plastic core in the freezer for 1.5 – 2 hours.
Roll out! Enjoying the effects of myofascial release combined with cold compression!

Why freeze your Travel Roller?

Reduces inflammation to speed healing
Minimizes pain from training
Increases removal of toxins (ie lactic acid) from area

When should use it?

This simple article explains cold-therapy following acute injury (ie. sprained ankle, muscle damage from resistance training) or after activities that irritate chronic injury will help with recovery
P.S. it’s great for plantar fasciitis
Simply put your Travel Roller in the freezer before you head to the gym and it’ll be ready for you when you’re back!

Cold, compression, and myofascial release, it’s a triple threat! Maximize your rolling time! Get your Travel Roller in the freezer!

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