Research: Foam Rolling Breaks Down Scar Tissue

If I told you that “gentle fluid shear may work best to dissolve excessive collagen” you might look at me like I was doing arm curls in the squat rack. So let me put it in layman’s terms.

“Slow rolling movements on tools like foam rollers may work best to get rid of scar tissue in muscle.”

That little bit of information was released at the Fascia Research Congress in Vancouver early last year. Research by Albert Banes demonstrated that certain cells can “feel” mechanical stimulation. More investigation into the subject found that in response to that stimulation, certain cells will release an enzyme that breaks down scar tissue.

Why do you care? Well, you know how your back seizes up? Or how your IT bands hurt when you run? Or how your shoulder can get so sore you can’t lift it above your head?

There’s a good possibility any of those could be caused by scar tissue building up in the muscles or connective tissues your body. And a little “mechanical stimulation” (aka foam rolling) is what’s going to help break down that scar tissue.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the scientists that dedicate their lives to this stuff. You can read more about it HERE. Then afterward, maybe grab that Travel Roller and have a little roll session? Like this one:

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