Snowboarder Andrew Matthews Story

When you live in the Northwest Territories, you have to expect to live without a few things other Canadians take for granted. You know; like not worrying about polar bears checking out your kids’ school bus and beer that you can actually afford.

And for a young kid growing up in the NWT, you’re probably going to be limited in what sports you get to play. So you can either stick to hockey, or you get creative. That’s exactly what Andrew Matthews did. After his family took a trip to a one of Quebec’s best ski resorts, 10-year-old Andrew was hooked.

Learning to snowboard in an area where there aren’t any hills (or facilities) isn’t exactly easy. But Andrew loved the sport, so he got creative. He built drop in ramps, set up fridges, rode behind snowmobiles and even took snow from the skating rink so that he could snowboard.

Fast forward a few years and Andrew is now living and riding in Whistler, BC as one of the top snowboarders in the world. Travel Roller caught up with Andew and we were so impressed with his work ethic and dedication we had to give him a Travel Roller of his own to keep him in training shape. Here’s what he had to say about it

The Travel Roller works great to release tight muscle after a long day on the hill. It’s the perfect density: soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to get deep into the muscles. The design also makes it easy to bring on trips. Using the Travel Roller on my sore muscles helps me recover faster, feel better and ride harder the following day!

Thanks for the kind words Andrew! We hope Travel Roller helps keep you up in the air!

Speaking of creative and dedicated. Check out his first time trying swiss ball jumps. Pretty impressive!!

More Andrew at including a sick video of a frontside 1080!

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