2014 Olympic Edition 3.8 Athlete Kit

Photography by Kristian Bogner Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Travel Roller TR3.8 Athlete Kit. Uncompromising deepest tissue release roller. Its our Olympic Edition for athletes.

Featuring the hardest, smallest and lightest technology.

Includes. 1 Travel Roller 3.8, TR Ball Elite (hard-blue), 6’ TPR green mobility band (latex free -durable)
*for Experts (SINGLE layer of foam *FIRM)

The Travel Roller 3.8 is the First Original Harder Density Design created in 2007. Hundreds of our athletes, Olympians and clients love the harder feel as they are advanced body rollers with larger muscle mass or deeper fascia restrictions. It is designed for Experts only**

-Please use with Extreme Caution-

If you are unsure if you should get this roller please start with the Travel Roller 4.3.

Recommended for TEAMS, ATHLETES and EXPERTS

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