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A consistent body rolling routine will help your fascia become more symmetrical, improve muscle suppleness and help create better movement pattern freedom so you can be stronger, healthier and in the best shape of your life.
by Arysta Bogner B.Kin, CPT -Creator of the Travel Roller® (The Original High-Performance Foam Roller)

Foam rolling is more than just treating physical pain, it’s about developing body awareness, self-love and compassion for all parts of the body especially the fascia. Most people are very under-regenerated tight and weak in an imbalanced way. Every time you practice rolling, try to connect your mind to your body. Allow the flow of conscious positive thoughts with good intention to heal, release and free the tight tissues and unwind tight areas of fascia.

Start your workout with a 5-10 minutes warm-up for muscle activation, improving blood flow and to optimize performance during the workout component. The Travel Roller® is portable enough to go with you everywhere, so a deep, quick roll can happen anytime! Its one tool that treats the entire body!

Here are 4 key exercises to help you align your body quickly and effectively:


Are you sitting for 8 hours or more each day? No wonder 1 in 3 people report having back pain! Sitting shortens the hip flexors, psoas and quadriceps muscles, pulling the hips and back out of position and causing low back pain.
How to Roll:

Starting at the knee, slowly move the Travel Roller® up to your hips and back down. Repeat 10 times, pausing, with compression for 30-60 seconds on tighter trigger point areas. Allow the firmness of the Travel Roller penetrate deeply into the tension. Engage your core and gluteus throughout the movement, and belly breathe!

Position 1:
TR-Overhead-Logo (SMALLER)

Travel Roller Advanced Option: Use a side to side, cross muscle fiber movement with the leg. Gripping the skin with the Travel Roller as well as bending the knee, with the heal moving in many directions. Add an upward dog stretch at the end of your rolling to stretch the superficial front fascial line. Feel the length change it in you quads, psoas, abs and neck.

Position 2:


Position 3. (Advanced)

Quad up dog copy(1)

2. Adductors

The inner thighs are key to low back health and function that are often neglected and hard to reach.

How to Roll:

Lay down with one leg bent out to the side on top of the Travel Roller® at a 60 degree angle to the leg. In three segments starting at the knee, the mid thigh and then towards the high groin, using your body weight to apply gentle compression on the Travel Roller® with 10 rolls per segment. Rock side-to-side for cross-fiber stimulation and roll the Travel Roller® towards your inner groin.
Adductor Laying(1)
Travel Roller Advanced Option: The second technique for the adductors requires the user to sit on chair or bench, which allows him or her to shift significantly more weight onto the roller and work deeper into the large adductor triangle. Use the same rocking side-to-side gentle motion while adding or removing body weight to control compression.

3.Upper Trapezius

Headaches, neck and shoulder pain can all be caused by an overloaded trapezius muscle. You can find relief with either the Travel Roller® or with the acupressure balls found in the Travel Roller Kit.

How to Roll:

Place the Travel Roller® low against the wall and lean your upper trap muscles against it. The grippy surface of the Travel Roller will keep it from slipping. Move your body back-and-forth by bending your knees to hit every muscle fiber. Position the roller so it hurts just enough or feels just perfect.

Wall Trap

Travel Roller Advanced Option:

Lay on the ground with the Travel Roller® in between the upper traps. Prop your hips up into a high glute bridge for 10 rolls or 10 seconds while reaching with your arms to the side or across the front of your body. For extra precise trigger point release use an acupressure ball and hold on the area for 1-2mins.


4. Trigger Point Release Balls:

Use an acupressure ball for those tighter and more painful places like the feet, calves, piriformis, upper trapezius and the pectoralis muscles. Apply compression for 1-2mins per muscle group, move your limbs around and breathe.

TR-BLUE BALL- Web copy


Create a healthy, resilient body using the Travel Roller® and core integrity exercises. Be consistent and persistent and you will have the freedom to BE, DO and HAVE – pain free!

Travel Roller® Tips:

  • -Warm-up 5-10 minutes before exercise
  • -Regenerative rolling 3 hours after intense exercise
  • -30 sec-2mins with quasi-static compression with cross fiber ‘wiggle’ action
  • -Always spend more time on the “quads” than anywhere else
  • -15-20 minutes before bed as often as possible
  • Create mobility as well as emphasizing stability

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