10 Reasons Athletes should be Foam Rolling

Top 10 Benefits why Young Athletes should be Foam Rolling
By Arysta Bogner, B. Kin. Creator of the Travel Roller®, Athlete, Model and Entrepreneur.

Girls and boys are entering into athletics at a younger age than ever before. In the past 20 years, soccer leagues have opened up for children as young as 3 years old, hockey teams for 5 year-olds have skill-based tryouts and professional scouts have started identifying potential athletes before they even enter junior high.

The extra competition means young athletes are training more often and for longer periods of time.

Young bodies are very resilient and durable, but with enough volume of training, improper movement patterns, falls, ankle sprains and lazy form and poor posture on and off the court – injury and muscle tension may result. This onset of injury and muscle imbalances may result in long term issues down the road. Fortunately, youths and teens are learning the value of self-myofascial release and how foam rolling can keep them healthy and in the game.

The Travel Roller® is uniquely designed to be more beneficial to young athletes than the average foam roller.

Encourage our Youth to Suceed and become a pro like National Mens Team Member-Gavin Schmitt and Chris Voth.

Because young athletes are typically much lighter and have smaller bones and muscles, the smaller diameter of the Travel Roller is perfect to fit into the entire body. Most other foam rollers are too large in diameter and have too much foam, which does not allow for deep self-massage for smaller bodies. The Travel Roller is firm enough for deep tissue massage and small enough to fit into common trigger points on an athlete’s body.

As a bonus, the Travel Roller® is a perfect travel-sized foam roller for each athlete to have his or her own personal foam roller in his or her sport bag to use before and after practice. It also doubles as a storage device, where athletes can hold their water bottle, acupressure balls or team jersey inside.

Here are 10 other reasons why young athletes should be foam rolling:

Become a better athlete: Foam rolling can improve mobility, maximize athletic performance by greater recruitment and firing of muscles, aid in faster recovery and regeneration of sore muscles.

Learn self-responsibility: Athletes develop a mind-body connection at an early age and develop awareness of their body and how best to self-manage and care for it.

Athletes learning about sport and human anatomy: By using the Travel Roller® young athletes start learning about their own muscle anatomy and start understanding how it works, responds and feels, this can lead to greater kinesthetic sense on the court and smarter players.

Pre-injury management: The Travel Roller® helps to prevent injuries by helping align the spine and release muscle restrictions and compensations that may arise from repetitive strain/use and overload.

Muscle Homework: Instead of athletes coming into practice unprepared, sore and injured. They are given their daily evening rolling routines as homework in the evenings by the coaches, so they can come to practices and games prepared, fresh and ready to perform.

Foam Rolling includes the whole team: Rolling is about having fun and regenerating as a team. It’s a great time to get the socializing done while multitasking on recovery, an often neglected area of team training. This builds team coherence and health of the team together. Each athlete is responsible for themselves first and then seeks the assistance of an expert for more serious injuries or prevention measures.

Easy to Use: Foam Roller routine is easy to add to a warm up or cool down routine. Simply adding a five-minute preparation sequence to a dynamic warm up can physiologically create great effects by un-inhibiting tight and inactive muscles, leading to greater function and performance.

Athletes can help their physiotherapists, chiropractors, coaches and parents, by becoming a leader in their own personal health and fitness. Less injuries and a better preventative wellness strategy.

A wholistic approach: Creating a healthy body rolling routine is just like eating healthy and nutritious food, it is a wholistic way of taking care of the body inside and out. Foam Rolling, eating healthy and staying hydrated are keys to help maximize the body’s potential.

Foam Rolling creates a more positive body image: Kids these days struggle with bodily confidence, by empowering themselves to work out, but also take care of their muscles they are showing self-love and respect for themselves as well as respect for their teammates.

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