Choosing the Best Foam Roller

Your physiotherapist, coach, therapist or friend tells the only way you’re going to get over that nagging pain in your IT band/hip flexor/low back/etc., is to start using a foam roller everyday.

So you head to the nearest fitness store and this is what you see:



You knew you were supposed to buy a foam roller but no one said anything about different lengths, diameters, densities, colours…. how the heck do you know which is the best foam roller?

Well don’t you worry, this blog is going to tell you what the differences are and what sets Travel Roller apart.




EPE Foam Roller

EPE roller

– Inexpensive
  • only last about 3 months with frequent use before becoming compressed and ineffective
  • trap dirt and bacteria inside the foam cells
  • too soft to allow deep massage or myofascial release
  • EPE is toxic to the environment and your body
EVA Foam Roller

Eva foam roll

  • good density for relaxing massage
  • only a 9 month lifespan with frequent use
  • large, bulky and hard to transport
  • EVA is toxic to the environment and your body
Bumpy Rollers

Eva smaller

  • can achieve a deeper massage
  • usually good quality
  • is difficult to align the rollers bumps with fascial trigger points
  • hard to massage large muscle groups because the bumps don’t allow them to roll well
  • most are quite expensive!
  • usually made with toxic EVA
Stick Rollers


  • easy to carry along
  • inexpensive
  • hard to reach many areas with force: mid-back, calves, hamstrings
  • cannot control pressure as easily as with body weight on a roller


Those four rollers will cover just about all of the variations you’ll see at any sporting goods store or fitness centre. Depending on your needs, some of these rollers will do well in a pinch and some shouldn’t be used as anything other than pool noodles.

Now let’s look at the Travel Roller and why it’s the best option.



  • the 4.3’’ diameter is most effective for anyone under 6’3’’. Most other foam rollers are much too big, especially for neck, hip & shoulder use
  • firm inner core with foam layers  deep myofascial release
  • easy to carry in bag, hollow to allow for extra storage of water bottle, snacks, iPod, acupressure balls, etc.
  • made from human & earth friendly TPE foam. No PVC, BPA or rubber materials
  • washable & waterproof outer surface
  • Acupressure kit includes variable density acupressure balls to fit into areas a foam roller can’t reach
  • includes 90min instructional DVD with foam rolling tips & tricks
  • extremely durable. Lifetime of 5-10 years with frequent use

There we go! That’s why we firmly believe the Travel Roller really is the best foam roller out there. Every element and feature of the Travel Roller has been carefully planned and thought out to create the most effective foam roller possible.

Hopefully this helps you in your foam roller search and whether you choose to roll with Travel Roller or not, we wish you the very best in health.

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