Active Office Worker Fitness Tips

1. ERGONOMICS – Check your office ergonomic set up. How is your posture and body mechanics? Get the right office set up. You can find great active office desks, chairs and tools at
Ergonomics for the Workplace

2. MASSAGE / REGENERATION – Do you get daily massage at a therapist? Probably not, but you sit daily, so why not unwind and treat your body after work.

The Travel Roller is your 24/7 Massage therapist to work out the kinks, tight and sore muscles and fix the comprimized body position from stitting too long. All you need is 5 minutes a day to start feeling the benefits of self-myofascial release.

Here is some photos from a group of office workers at the University of Britsh Columbia. They are taking action to learn more about office health and wellness with the Travel Roller -This is How we Roll Introduction to Foam Rolling beginner class. Find out more or book your session with Arysta Bogner or a certified Travel Roller instructor at
3. EXERCISE – Use your Travel Roller in combination with a consistant exercise routine for daily health and wellness. Combine your daily self massage with yoga, pilates, walking, running, resistance training for best results to strengthen the weak and imbalanced muscles and joints. Increased flexibility and improved posture is a daily choice. Fascial freedom feels fantastic and its available to everyone with the correct knowledge and disipline.
According to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidlines Individuals ages 18-64 should accumulate 150 minutes of moderate to vigerous intensity of aerobic physical activity per week in bouts of 10 minutes or more. It is also benificial to add bone and muscle strengthening activites using major muscle groups at least 2x/week. More physical activity provides greater health benefits.

The Travel Roller is considered doing MORE of physical activity that delivers greater health benefits. But for many people this may include their strengthening exercises and can be a great 5-10 minute strength workout. It is a great way to strenghten your core, glutes and upper body by suporting your body on the Travel Roller while massaging tight aching muscles. The better you tripod and support your body the more strengthening you will recieve. Proper foam rolling using the Travel roller has been known to help strengthen the upper body and abdominal muscles to its many users over the years.
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