I love my TR Acupressure Balls!

I love my TR Acupressure Ball Elite!! It’s so simple and easy to have trigger point release anywhere you go. It helps to keep me going daily on the bottom of my feet, my sore shoulders from playing tennis, helps me relieve my carpel tunnel syndrome and tight wrists from working on the computer in the office. I take my Travel Roller® Acupressure Balls along with me for trigger point release in my purse or gym bag or store them inside my Travel Roller® any time I need a quick massage, to rehab an injury or think of it so I can be better and more flexible for the next day. When I am sitting in traffic, driving my car I can easily roll the Hard TRball Elite on my pecs (pectoral) muscles, the front of my shoulder (anterior deltoids) and press the ball into a wall or chair for my tight neck and shoulders (upper trapezius and rear deltoids).

I love this ball because it so easy and simple. Its cost effective pain management on a daily basis!

Have fun rolling…

TR Acuball Elite(1)
Acuball Elite

How to: Use the TRball any place you have tight, aching muscles. Apply compression using your hand directly on the ball onto the muscles that are tight, massage in a circular action, or pause and hold the compression for 15-30 seconds up to 1-2mins depending on the area. Because this is a grippy ball you can also gently pull on the skin while creating compression on the trigger point areas. Use as often and as frequently as needed.


Designed for the uncompromising athlete looking for the most accurate, deep self led trigger point release.

Utilizes the hardest density material, along with extreme grip to all surfaces, to provide very deep tissue massage for the entire body.



Here is what our clients say about our balls…. They dont leave home without them!

Acuball testimonial

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