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Adding anywhere between 15 and 40+ pounds during pregnancy certainly creates some issues to work around, not the least of which is finding some cute maternity clothes that won’t break the bank! And while there’s lots of information about finding maternity clothes online, you won’t find nearly as much about taking care of hip or back pain while pregnant.

During pregnancy, especially your first one, your body is going through a physiological frenzy, with hormones, muscles and even bone structure changing rapidly. Comfortable and beautiful maternity clothes are important, but the time you put in to taking care of your body during those rapid changes is what’s going to pay you back for the rest of your life.

Here are some of the reasons why more than 3/4 of women experience back pain during pregnancy:

– your centre of gravity shifts forward towards your growing baby

– the hormone relaxin loosens your joints to prepare for birth, but also loosens ligaments that support the spine

– your abdominal muscles may actually stretch and separate (called diastasis recti),

creating muscle instability

– your growing uterus may put pressure on nerves

– emotional stress is often held in the low back and neck, creating tension

– all of those factors combine to make proper posture difficult

Following in the footsteps of prenatal yoga training, foam rolling during pregnancy is quickly becoming more popular as new moms discover its benefits: muscle pain relief, increased blood flow, decreased water retention, improved balance, greater range of motion and body relaxation.

Here are some common foam roller techniques that you can do even when pregnant.
Upper Back – great way to relieve upper back tension caused by growing breasts and changing posture!
Upper Back2
IT Band – changing hip-to-knee angle and added weight on your pelvis can create pain on the outside of your hip or knee. Rolling your IT band with this technique could really help!

Glute Massage – improve blood circulation, ease water retention and create a nice round bum while relaxing tight glute muscles.

Low Back Relaxation – this technique is great for the early months of pregnancy, as you gain weight, you can switch to Travel Roller Acupressure Balls
Calves – This one is almost a must as your calves take a beating with consistent weight gain over 9 months. Slow it down and rest on your bum if you can’t support yourself on your hands

Take care of yourself during your pregnancy! Travel Roller can help you feel strong and healthy to get out and show off those maternity clothes and your beautiful pregnant self 😉

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