Travel Roller is your 24/7 Massage Therapist

Travel Roller is your 24/7 Massage therapist. Designed for convenient travel and use massage any where you go, you can achieve improved flexibility, mobility and posture while getting a wonderful therapeutic massage. At the same time you are also strengthening your core muscles, glutes and shoulders, with consistent and dynamic use.


In just 5 minutes a day with consistent effort pre and post workout, you can impove recovery time faster and your overall wellness and fitness level. Give it a try anytime you are feeling like you need some energy, foam roll your back and neck before bed. Use it as a pre-habilitaion tool before a workout to stimulate blood flow in the muscles, the nervous system and activate inhibited muscles, making the whole body system more aligned and efficient to be more preparted for sports and fitness activites.

Please note that the Travel Roller is not intended to replace massage therapy, but instead enhance skilled therapy, making clients more supple and fascially free on a consistent basis, in between visits of skilled therapy.
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