Welcome to the New Travel Roller website

Welcome to the New Travel Roller Website!!!

We are so excited to share with you the new and improved site with all new look and feel. We have added lots of new content and instruction. Or goal is to provide you a hub of rolling education, instruction and fun. Plus a great product foam rolling and rehabilitation product that is super effective in working out the kinks and recovering sore muscles.

Learn about why to foam roll and the how to foam roll and keep coming back to check the latest information. There is lots more to come!

Enjoy the tour and thanks for visiting, shopping and joining our rolling community! Feel free to send us your Travel Roller testimonials and photos of rolling around the world!

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I am so excited to share with you the long anticipated new Travel Roller Deluxe Acupressure Kit -This perfect Christmas gift for anyone!

Product Family


TR X2 Foam roller
NEW TR X2 Foam roller


Also don’t forget…when you register your new Travel Roller Kit, you will receive over 1 hour of exclusive video access of updated rolling instruction. This will be continuously updated so don’t loose your access code. You need to login online to receive this exclusive content. (not available anywhere else online) (beginner and advanced instruction).

New Video how to roll KIT instruction includes:
Are you ready to roll? Technique, safety and precautions for beginners.
Intermediate Total body rolling- how to roll each muscle group from toe to head.
Why we need to roll with Dr. Ryan Emmons a detailed education on muscle inhibition.
Advanced Rolling instruction for Athletes, Yoga and Crossfit pre-workout activation and recovery.

Share the good news, we have been working VERY hard!

Thank you!

Arysta Bogner


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