4 Foam Roller Moves to reduce cellulite and build a functional booty

4 Foam Roller Moves to Tone your Booty and Reduce Cellulite:

by Arysta Bogner, B. Kin

There is so much hype about getting a big booty these days that we forget that by building a booty you may be making other areas of your body bigger or dysfunctional like your thighs and quads, lower back by over training.  I see so many women at the gym destroying their legs by doing massive overload on their quads and thighs by too many high impact jump squats, lunges and burpies plus volumes of over training with not enough regeneration and functional training. Remember, if you want sexy legs, thighs and butt -your quads, psoas and hip flexors must be loose and supple in order to activate those glutes. There are alot of women on youtube and social media promoting a bigger booty, but there is so much more to achieving their sexy body like diet, age, hormones, genetics, butt implants, plastic surgery, detoxification and correct exercise over many, it takes many years with an obsession on the physical body to look the way those women look!  The body loves balance, a strong, balanced healthy body should always be the goal. Strong physically, mentally and spiritually for lasting happiness and success!


There are many factors to have an amazing booty that is tight and toned without cellulite. That means eating clean, minimizing stress to keep the hormones in balance and keeping consistent with a regular exercise routine as well as active recovery such as foam rolling as often as possible!

4 BEST Foam Roller Moves Tone your Booty and Reduce Cellulite 

Exercise 1:  Roll that Booty out! Start in the glutes while propping your body up with your arms and opposite leg to rolling proped out for balance.

Roll back and forth in short and quick, firm rolling motions. Break up the glute rolling in 4 compartments.  Roll through the different compartments of the glutes thoroughly by changing your body position and angle on the roller, such as glute medius and glute maximus  5 times over in each position 4x through. (watch the videos below). By removing muscle inhibition in your glutes you will be able to fire or activate the glute muscles more rapidly. Therefore you may need to do less volume of booty building exercises with the same result. It all about the activation and making your glutes stronger!!   And this is not always always achieved by more volume of booty blasters, squats or heavier weights. Some people can actually do squats and lunges without engaging their glute muscles. So, if you are struggling to build that booty it may be because your glutes are inhibited and not weak or small.  Here are some great videos with Chiropractor Dr. Emmons explaining why your glutes are not weak and why they are actually inhibited.

Booty Foam rolling
Roll your Glutes Medius (located on the outside of your butt muscles)
Foam rolling on vacation
Roll your Glutes Maximus (located on the middle center of your butt muscles)


Here is a great video with Dr. Ryan Emmons, and talking about how to release your piriformis in your glutes. Not only does it show that normal foam rollers wont work to get deep enough to effect the muscle tissue but it wont have and effect on changing the fascia therefore a waste of your time and definitely from my experience not going to provide enough compression to effect cellulite or even lipidema. If you have a medical condition it would be advised to see a skilled massage therapist or lymph drainage practitioner before  embarking on a foam rolling program.

Exercise 2: Hamstrings -Roll from your glute into your hip towards your hamstrings. This will target stubborn cellulite areas around the outside of the hip. The Travel Roller® has just the right firmness to add a therapeutic amount of compression to squeeze out stubborn areas. Creating more circulation, lymphatic drainage and breaking up scar tissue, to stimulate recovery and regeneration and helping reduce the dimpling in the skin causing cellulite.

Hamstrings for cellulite reduction


Hamstrings massageon Chair
Use the Travel Roller on a firm chair -Easy to use for everyone, no mater the age or skill level to foam roll throughout the hamstrings.

Exercise 3.  Quads: Remember everything is about balance. In order to tone your backside, you must also tone your front side. The Quadriceps take a major beating from the sitting all day disease, bad exercise form, overload and too many of the wrong exercises. Try to keep the quads as happy and supple as possible to prevent lower crossed syndrome which can lead to lower back pain. If foam rolling your quads on the Travel Roller® makes you cry like a baby then it means your quads are seriously dysfunctional and you will need to focus on the area will large volumes of rolling. Over time you will realize how much better you feel after spending regenerative rolling time on this area. You may spend up to 5 mins or even 15 mins or even 30 mins on each quad to truly get to those deepest layers.  Roll out those quads hard!  The more you roll these babies, the happier and healthier you will be and the easier you will be able to activate those glutes in the quest of building a bigger booty, and most importantly a functional and healthy body.  No body said this was going to be easy, but its is FUN once you start seeing results!!

Sexy Quads and legs rolling


Exercise 4: IT band – Position yourself on your IT band either with your feet stacked on top of each other (advanced) or with your top leg on the floor bend in front/behind for support (beginner). Remember to not aggressively roll on the IT band on the outer thigh. Rock forward and backward onto the quad and hamstring, while gently rolling though the IT band toward the knee and back up to the hip.  Do this 2-3 times with moderate intensity. Avoid aggressively treating this area, rather therapeutically roll through creating circulation in this area.



careful ITband foam roll


I can honestly tell you that these exercises actually work!  Before the Travel Roller® was invented I remember looking down and my legs and thighs while first rolling on a styrofoam foam roller in 2007, I was terrified to look down at my legs loaded with cellulite dimples, when I first had awareness of foam rolling and legs and how dysfunctional my tissues were. I myself struggled with extreme cellulite issues on my thighs and glutes for years all developed by too much improper training and overload combined with adrenal fatigue.  The Travel Roller® was the myofascial release tool that was created to fix me in combination with healthy eating which had help me get in the best shape of my life! Now I want to share this gift of the Travel Roller® to all you ladies!

I started first started rolling in June 2007 here is a photo of me (6 months after countless hours of rolling) still burned out with fibromyalgia and body in pain, heavy,  full of cellulite with little body tone- but getting better…

out of shape

I have been rolling on the Travel Roller for over 8 years now.  Results like this do not happen over night but with consistent effort and rolling 5 minutes a day you will notice huge improvements with in the first 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Then the next 3 months-6 months and so on!  You will begin to unwind the layers of dysfunction like an onion skin, regenerating and restoring new healthy layers.  You will loose inches and tone like you wouldn’t believe, if your body is burned out and in desperate need of healing.  Give it a try and I promise you will see results in proportion to the effort you put in. Your typical foam rollers are not going to cut it, in helping with cellulite reduction and booty toning.  Use the Original Travel Roller®  for precise deep tissue massage in combination of your body weight and proper technique, you will get amazing results! Its firm and its foam feels similar to the elasticity of your skin therefore mimics a skilled therapist if used with the proper foam rolling techniques, the grippy surface can also shear the skin which can help break up scar tissue easier.

If you are suffering from cellulite and need help please email us we would love to hear your story!  You may be selected in a special group of women to receive a FREE Travel Roller and free coaching by Arysta Bogner  if you choose to be apart of a case study to learn more about how the Travel Roller can help with cellulite reduction. 

More Videos on Functional Foam Rolling your Glutes:

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