Top 4 Shoulder Rehab Exercises for Athletes

 Top 4 Shoulder Rehab Exercises for Athletes using the Travel Roller Kit

athlete Travel roller rehab systemHere is how Top Professional Canadian Beach Volleyball Players –  Dan Dearing and Julie Gordon Roll with Travel Roller. These athletes love their travel kits as they literally hop from country to country and need to stay limber!

4 tips on how to keep shoulders healthy and strong for optimal athletic performance!

1) Roll through the Lats:  As a Volleyball athlete or any sport involving your shoulders you need to loosen up the lats as it will help you improve your range of motion and prevent injury. Place the travel roller under your armpit and roll up the lat along the triceps and into the deep part of the armpit with the most muscle. Roll forward and back 5x through while changing the angle or body position. Repeat 5x through at least 3x body positions. This will maximize the power in your serve, spike and extension of the shoulder. If this muscle is tight, weak and restricted you will be unable to perform at your best and it may result in injury if not addressed before hand. Foam roll your lats with the Travel Roller to warm up before practice a game or evening recovery or prepare for the next day of activity.Lat roll

2) Strengthen shoulders with dynamic foam rolling. Bet you didn’t know you are strengthening your shoulders while foam rolling. Its an excellent way to multi-task by rolling your muscles and warming your core and shoulders all at once!  Every time you warm-up you should foam roll very dynamically – this will help you do side bridges and support and strengthen your core and shoulders while rolling out your muscles. Notice the strength and support that Dan Dearing has in his stable shoulder while rolling his IT band.  Daily rolling your muscles will help you stabilize and strengthen the shoulder in many ground based planking and rolling moves.

Shoulder strengthside plank for strong shoulders

Exercise 3:  Improve Range of Motion: Use the rehab and mobility band located inside your Travel Roller KIT, convenient anytime you need to warm up your shoulders. You can use the band as a warm up to get the synovial fluid and range of motion into your shoulder joints, or to rehab a rotator cuff injury or to strengthen weak muscles around the shoulder.  All of these techniques will be highly beneficial to you as an athlete or someone with restricted range of motion or injury in the shoulder joint.

Develop awareness of your shoulders, by exploring range of motion.  Start by placing the band around a pole or door. Securely grip the band around your hands and with feet shoulder width apart or staggered one foot in front of the other with a strong core and neutral spine/neck.

Explore light ranges of motions alternating with simple rows, to reverse and forward arm circles using the band. As you explore these motions with some light resistance of the band answer these questions about your shoulders:

Do you have pain in any of the movements?

Do you have restriction or tightness in any of the shoulder movements?

Identify which motion causes pain or restriction?

Repair the injured movement pattern with rolling, strengthening and reeducating correct movement patterns. If you identify an area that has alot of pain, try going back to foam rolling your shoulder/lat before trying to strengthen it. If it feels too uncomfortable contact your coach or physical therapist for assistance.

Dan and Julie  demonstrates their favorite shoulder moves that keep their shoulders healthy and pain free. 

shoulder rehab

Exercise 2: Strengthen rotator cuffs -External Rotation

Position the band at shoulder level securely tied to a pole or door. Stretch you arm out and then extend arm back with a bend elbow at 90degrees to strengthen you shoulder cuff. Do this 10-15 reps. For more resistance stand farther away from the pole.

Step 1. Rotator cuff start position
Step 1. Rotator cuff start position
Step 2. Rotator cuff finish position
Step 2. Rotator cuff finish position


Exercise 3: Over head press with band: Position the band under your feet securely and grip the band around your hands. Start with your elbows both at 90degrees parallel to the floor and press over your head. 10-15 times for warmup.

shoulder press
Shoulder press finish

These shoulder strengthening exercises are great for regaining strength in weakened rotator cuff muscles after injury or to rehab after overuse. Performing these exercises too often may cause significant muscle soreness, so it is a good idea to only do these exercises 3-4 times per week.

If you have shoulder pain or have had a shoulder injury you should ask your doctor if physical therapy or coach is needed to help you improve your shoulder mobility. Be sure to consult with your doctor or physical therapist before starting any exercise program and before attempting the exercises in this article.

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