Mobilize your body for better kettlebell workouts


Ryan Raw how we foam roll

In order to have the most optimal body that is strong, sexy and lean it must both be mobile and free to move with ease as well as be stable and strong to train with load. One of the best ways to achieve this optimal state of health and fitness is to combine foam rolling and myofasical release techniques to become more flexible and then train your body functionally. The tips to success are.


The best way to ROLL is to use the Travel Roller Deluxe Acupressure Kit and foam roll your way to total body health and fitness. Then TRAIN functionally with proper core strengthening and full body workouts.

Here is Ryan Shanahan the king of kettlebells unveiling his new Travel Roller Kit.

Warm up with your Travel Roller Acupressure Kit using the foam roller to release tension, or use the 3 density acupressure balls to manage pain and restrictions and use the mobility band for prepping for exercise. It is a great way to either warm-up or recover from exercise.

Try these top 6 Kettlebell core exercises to strengthen your core. Create a mobile and stable body with these exercises.


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