Top 5 BEST Spring Liver Renewal tips for a healthy body

Its Spring Renewal Time!  Spring is the season for rebirth, renewal and regrowth.  Its an amazing time to start new and show your body some love. Spring is around the corner, which means we are becoming more active and shedding those winter clothes and winter pounds and the past.  Here are some tips how to Renew and regenerate your body from the inside out! Spring Renewal

1) Eat more liver loving greens: Did you know that your liver is one of the most important organs for renewing, cleaning and energizing the body.  According to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) spring is associated with the liver, it is important to have a diet that strengthens and cleanses the liver.  There are many foods serving the purpose of soothing and cleansing the liver.  Green is the color of the liver and of spring.   Green and leafy vegetables, especially if the plants are young, help by cleansing and freshening the body.

liver foodsSigns you’ve got a sluggish, toxin-laden liver:

-Joint and muscle pains due to inflammation and extra toxins circulating in the body (*so you may be foam rolling when really your liver is screaming for help)

-Skin challenges such as acne, facial redness, and excess sweating (the body’s effort to rid itself of extra toxins)

-Weight gain, especially around the middle and thighs (one of toxins’ favorite hiding places is your body’s fat cells) ( no matter how much you exercise you wont loose the weight if you don’t unload that liver!)

-Chronic fatigue and depression (the liver is responsible for hormonal manufacture, too)

-Digestive problems and constipation (your liver produces bile, a primary digestive aid)

When a toxin-congested liver starts affecting your health, you really feel it. You may not attribute the complaints to your liver, but odds are high that your toxin load is too. The time has come for some detoxing steps.

2. Eliminate Toxins from Your Home Environment
Do as much as you can to reduce your toxic load by choosing natural cleaning products and natural personal care products for your body. Be sure your drinking water is free from contaminants and consider using an air purifier in your home, especially if you suffer from allergies or live in a high-traffic area. Minimize your exposure to toxins.

The Travel Roller is a great alternative to a foam roller or cheap (made in China knock off foam rollers that are laced with toxic chemicals). You may want to examine the quality of your fitness products if it is doing more harm then good.

Travel Roller is very proud to say it is completely human friendly. That means no PVC, no Heavy Metals, no Glue, Phthalates, Rubber, Latex or Dioxins. There is no off-gassing of chemicals and the foam and core is 3rd party, MSDS tested to ensure top quality safety. That means It’s 100% safe for the environment, for your home and for your kids! Feel confident rolling your skin on a Travel Roller!
Made from Toxin-free materials
Made from Toxin-free materials

3) Roll your Liver/Gallbladder Meridian to open up the fascia restricted around the liver.

Did you know your liver is directly under your ribs on your right hand side!?  With a firm roller like the travel roller you can do some amazing things to open up the fascia and get the liver more energized with acupressure on the liver meridians.

women-bannerUsing the diagram below use acupressure techniques to roll the right side of your body to hit basic meridian lines. Based on the Chinese gallbladder “meridians”, gallstones may be associated with headaches, shoulder and neck pain.  According to Chinese medicine, when gallstones are present, the weak gallbladder makes energy flow along the meridians sluggish and result in tense and tight feeling.  If blood circulation becomes so poor that the blood flow becomes stagnant, pain is the result.

gallbladder meridianObserver the gallbladder meridian noticing how similar it is to the areas rolling the IT band, lower back and lateral chain of the leg.

Roll away the pain
Precisely foam roll down the meridian line to the lower leg and foot

4. Exercise

Exercise a simple and easy way to lower your risk of fatty liver health disease, not only by helping you to maintain a healthy body weight (obesity increases your risk of fatty liver disease) this also leads to liver health improvements independent of weight loss.

One study published in Hepatology even found that staying active for at least 2.5 hrs a week improved liver enzymes and other indices of liver health function.  So stay active and keep that liver happy!


4. Sweat
Your skin is an important route of elimination, and your body is capable of removing many toxins through your sweat. Vigorous exercise can help your body to sweat more while also enhancing circulation (as an aside, dry skin brushing may also help you to eliminate toxins through your skin by opening up and clearing out your pores). You can also try using an infrared sauna. Along with a regular exercise program that encourages sweating, you can also experiment with yoga, which has specific poses designed to facilitate detoxification.


Is Detoxing for Everyone?
Detoxification is not appropriate for pregnant or nursing women, however most others can benefit from a detox one to four times a year. Traditionally, this is done at the changing of the seasons, for instance at the end of summer/beginning of fall or, particularly, as winter transitions into spring.


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