We are GREEN and WORTH IT!

Lets celebrate all things that are GREEN Today!


We used to make “Green colored” Travel Rollers®. They were super cool and bright, but somehow the green foam tended to shrink compared to the  all other colors. Probably because it was the Greenest foam roller we created with the least amount of added color and plastic stiffness.  So the green colored rollers were discontinued – but we still make the “greenest foam roller” on the planet! Here is why?!  WE CARE!

5 Reason why TRAVEL ROLLER®  is the “GREENEST” of all the foam rollers:

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1) Made with Quality Fair Labor in small batches:

After hand building over 15,000+ Travel Rollers in our Canadian Manufacturing facility in Calgary, AB from 2007-2010 it was evident Travel Roller was going to be a big hit and manufacturing developed and expanded to Taiwan.

Why we make Travel Roller in Taiwan?

Labors in Taiwan cost more due to stringent labor laws set up to protect workers and guarantee a safe workplace. Labor laws is lax in China so companies exploit such and hire cheap, less skilled and knowledgeable workers. Results is less consistency in quality made in China products.  So even though the manufacturing costs are much higher we believe in ethical manufacturing and very value QUALITY over Quantity products.  So next time you buy a cheap Made in China Foam roller at your local fitness store or off Alibaba, remember most of the workers are working with toxic materials and unfair labor practices. So please know that the extra $10 dollars you spend on quality foam roller are WORTH it!!

Here is a photo of CEO Arysta Bogner in the Travel Roller packaging assembly line. Happy and healthy workers, listening to music (they were listening to J-lo on the radio lol), no harmful chemicals or toxins to breathe, no gloves required,  normal workday hours with breaks, skylights, and open doors with fresh air and a real team environment!


2)  GREEN FOAM:  Our foam is made from Toxin Free TPR -Made of non-slip, toxin-free, human-friendly foam. Its green foam technology contains no-PVC, no-BPA, Latex-free, no-rubber material and in-fact the ORIGINAL ‘revolutionary’ dual density foam roller.

Other foam rollers can be cheaply made and full of toxins and harmful chemicals that over time can leech into your skin and disrupt hormones causing estrogen and weight gain as well can cause skin irritation. Plus it is very unhealthy for the workers producing these toxic products.

Here is a great article about the chemicals found in Dollar stores, which are also similar ones made by cheap made in China fitness products:

“The chemicals of concern found in Dollar store products tested for this report include: phthalates, linked to birth defects, reduced fertility, cancer, learning disabilities, diabetes, and other health issues; polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC or vinyl), which creates hazards throughout its life cycle and has been linked to asthma and lung effects; and toxic metals such as lead, which harms brain development, leading to learning disabilities, lower IQ, and cause other serious health impacts, especially in children. “

Great article about chemicals found in dollar store products linked to serious illness

For those of you who are into health know that our skin is our largest organ and what we put on our skin and in our environment have a huge effect on our health.  So Roll with us and be healthy!!!

DSCN2829Arysta Bogner, CEO of Travel Roller inspecting the foam factory production in Taiwan.

3) Minimalist Foam Technology and compact design


Our foam is 5mil compared to the other piped foam rollers that are at least 50% thicker, meaning more waste and material produced with 50% more environmental impact.  Less foam, firmer foam roller and less environmental impact. Oh ya…. and not to forget this minimal foam technology that retains its elastic property was specifically designed for the most precise and effective self-myofascial release feel on the entire body to manipulate fascia therapeutically.  Less waste going into landfills after they expire.

4) Sanitary Foam Rolling with replaceable outer foam sleeves – Great for the environment and YOU!

Replacement sleeveDo you share a foam roller at the Gym or with a team mate? Yuck!!! Haven’t you heard of the transmitted diseases through the skin?! 


Conjunctivitis(pink eye) is commonly spread by touch. Other examples are shingles, Ebola and respiratory virus (RSV).

Skin-to-skin transmissions occur when bacteria, fungus, viruses or parasites are found on the skin and caught by touch or transmission  possibly by a foam roller? Intact skin is a powerful protective barrier. Bacterial infections such as staph or strep that cause the rash of impetigo spread only if there is a break of the skin, or scratch or bite, same as viral infections.

This is all scary stuff with the increase of human skin contact diseases on the rise like the recent Ebola scare in the USA, more awareness is raising about sanitary forms of foam rollers especially in professional sport teams and gyms. Even though more foam rollers are claiming to be closed celled, they will compress over time without the solid inner core because they wont be effective with the function of massaging the tissues.

Tips to keep sanitary foam rolling:

-Get your own personal Travel Roller -refrain from using commercial gym versions

-Wash your Travel Roller in Water and soap often  or spray and wipe down with antibacterial spray

-Replace your outer Travel Roller foam every few years


5) Made of Eco -Friendly TPE (like an eco Yoga mat material) It’s made from TPE, a material that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. TPE also has a unique closed-cell structure, locking out moisture, odor and germs.


With the increase of skin diseases and illnesses this is important to have your own foam roller that resists bacteria as well breaks down.

Most other Foam Rollers are made of PVC, rubber or EVA or other materials that are almost indestructible and will last our lifetime without an expiry date.  This is bad news for our landfills and environment, we need products that are recyclable and biodegradable!

landfill problemsImagine all the foam rollers in the world being produced that are disposed of each year!


If you leave your Travel Roller Foam in the sunlight for an extended period of time it will naturally start aging like your skin and slowly break down. (like your skin keep your Travel Roller out of the sun for prolonged durability!)

Here is an example of a TPE yoga mat that I have had for over 8 years that has sat in the sun and was used ALOT!!  You will see the foam will naturally age but still functional will break down. So over many decades this is what TPE may look like. Eco friendly foam roller

Nothing lasts forever for a consumer we always are consuming, so once your ‘alternative’ indestructible toxic foam roller made of PVC and rubber is dirty, filthy and beat up, it will be thrown in the garbage and then end up in a landfill where it will sit there taking up space and never be broken down. EVER!!!

Travel Rollers has solved this solution long ago. With the replaceable outer foam sleeves you can replace as needed with wear and tear without having to get rid of the whole foam roller and inner ABS pipe.

Don’t get us wrong- Your Travel Roller wont degrade before your eyes. This might take 10-20 years to happen, by this time you may want to have a new color or textured foam for variety or to match your outfit! Travel Roller is made tough, long lasting and will retain its shape and effectiveness for years to come!!

WE are GREEN and will never stop helping humans and caring for the EARTH!!

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Washing your Travel Roller and Replacing Foam sleeves:


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