A Clinical Tool for Therapists

The Travel Roller is a clinical tool that is highly recommended by skilled massage therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists. It provides the clinician a reproducible and consistent tool that is very specific and targeted for self-myofascial release for their clients and themselves. Foam Rolling and trigger point release is a compliment to skilled therapy and should never replace experts. Your skilled therapist has vast knowledge, experience, skills, human touch, and a powerful healing intention that a foam roller could never reproduce. Many therapists use the Travel Roller products on themselves from all the countless hours they spend on their feet and manual labor with their shoulders and hands. So its a great tool to keep everyone mobile including the ones that

Here is a recent testimonial from a Chiropractor in Manitoba.

“I’ve been having some shoulder issues myself and I didn’t keep a roller for myself last time, so when these came in I was like THANK GOD!! I’m already 50 % better in 2 days of rolling..this size is just ideal!!! I took it home and it not coming back to the clinic!!!” Dr. Brad


Here is the CEO of the Pain Pro Clinics Michael Desroches and the creator of the Travel Roller Arysta Bogner talking about how useful the self -therapy tools are in their clinics all over Vancouver.

If you use the Travel Roller (not your typical foam roller) you can do a pretty amazing job to be quite thorough and give yourself deep tissue treatment with the right techniques. Remember to brace and bridge your body with support and to apply a good targeted compression on the area that is tight, has pain, or feels like it needs more flexibility!

Learn some simple ways how to foam roll your quads in this video:

 Here are some useful tips on how to foam roll your shoulders: If you have an existing injury or need help please ask your therapist how to use your Travel Roller best, specific to your condition.

Here are some useful tips on how to foam roll your glutes:

Thanks for rolling with us. If you are a clinic and would like to resell Travel Rollers in your clinic, send us and email we would love to partner with you anywhere across the world!
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