Foam Rolling out Headaches

Nothing is worse then a migraine or bad headache that makes you unable to function, think, work or exercise. Or your body coming on with the cold or flu with body aches and chills.

I happen to have the worst migraines that came on suddenly due to the  common cold recently that progressed to a terrible fever and cough!  Thank God I had my handy Travel Roller in my “Medicine Cabinet” to work through the unbearable aches and pains.

Here is how I managed the pain!  Ever wonder if you can foam roll your forehead?! Of course you can…your fascia on your body is connected from your feet all the way to the top of your head and front of your scull.    The Travel Roller has been ergonomically designed and with precise compression to target the entire body.

Neck and headache pain

1) LAY ON YOUR BACK– Sometimes me you just need to lay on the Travel Roller like a Pillow!  Throw a blanket over your body, lay in some sunshine or if you prefer in a dark room! Close your eyes and belly breathe while letting your neck gently be massage with light compression of your body weight!  Massaging the base of the skull as well as the upper traps may help relieve some tension caused headaches for as long as you like. (just be careful to not actually fall asleep on the Travel Roller as it is quite firm and you may wake up with an awkward or stiff feeling).

2) MASSAGE YOUR TEMPLES– Usually the temples are a large source of pain and throbbing tension- lay on your seed and rock your head on the temples and the side of your forehead.  You can just lay here or roll around in whatever position feels best for some pain relief!  You can trigger point massage hold for 30sec – 1 min, breathy deeply. Repeat 2 -4 times on each side.

Temple headache massage

3)  ROLL YOUR FOREHEAD:  Use  the Travel Roller by applying compression with your hands. Roll downward towards your nose and to the top of the head to break up fascia and tension in the front of the head. Also rock the roller side to side to hit the temples lightly. Apply myofascial compression to any area that feels tight. This may not cure you headache but might help relieve some tension and help with the relief as well as reduce stress. (When you are in pain any relief helps!!)

forehead headache painterrible migraneheadache pain relief

4) LAY FACE DOWN– with more weight directly on this firm foam roller directly on your forehead.  Massage out the headache or at least try to get some relief!! Trigger point massage hold for 30sec – 1 min, breathy deeply. Repeat 2 -4 times.

foam rolling your forehead

Hopefully this foam roller will help you as much as it did me to relieve my headache and make me feel alot better!  The Travel Roller won’t cure your cold but it is certainly an essential tool to have in the house alongside of the cough medicine and natural remedies.

fever cold and fluAfter 3 days of a high fever and laying in bed body is aching from inactivity -back, neck, abs and obliques are sore from coughing – my body enjoyed crawling to the ground to roll, lay and recover a couple times a day.   Sometimes we are all human, and thankfully I have my Travel Roller in my medicine cupboard to roll out the aches and pains from being sick!!

CAUTION: These techniques are not recommended to use with any hard knobby foam rollers which may cause injury to the sensitive areas around the skull and forehead.

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