Top 4 Foam Rolling Moves for Volleyball Recovery

We had the pleasure to roll with some of the Pros from the Canadian Women’s Volleyball Team.  Here is what these pros have to say… some Performance tips with Lucie and Marisa! Check out the new video with your favorite blockers!


What are the top injuries that are found in Volleyball?

1. Knee  2. Shoulders  3. Back


What are the top 4 Foam Roller Moves they do to prevent injury?

1) Roll your quads. Very hard to stretch your quads enough. Travel Roller works great to get in deep and also helps with relieving back pain.

2) Massage your feet. Use the Travel Roller Acupressure Balls located in the Deluxe Kit to massage away tension after long games and practices. This helps with sore and tired feet.

3) Roll though the shoulders. To massage through the lats and shoulders, delts to align the fascia, create more flexibility, improve range of motion and remove restriction.

4) Roll the IT band. Improving the flexibility  of the lateral side of the body will help with the vertical jump, deep squats for bumps and help alleviate tension in the legs.

learn to foam roll
Learn to roll Marisa and Lucie the blockers and Arysta plus the cute little up an coming cowgirl athlete!


           And this is how Team Canada Rolls! Looking great ladies!!!

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