How to Roll in Paris – 5 Tips to staying fit while traveling

5 Tips to staying fit while traveling in Paris:

Its very hard to find a quality gym in Paris to do a work out. If you do choose to do some “Musculation” as they call it it will cost you up to $29 Euro’s for a drop in.  Not cheap!  Or you can try to do one in your tiny apartment or hotel but who wants to be inside when the scenery is so amazing. Its all about the outdoor workout!

In Paris, France people Run or do lots of outdoor workouts while others are socializing with lots of wine and cheese and French bread and smoking cigarettes along the the Seine River.   Its easy to indulge while in Paris but there is lots you can do to stay fit and mobile while traveling.

Here are some things I did to stay fit and make my routine exciting!

1) Play Tennis in front of the Eiffel Tower during Roland Garros– French Open.  Well, this was pretty epic location, but if you sign up at the right time, they will provide you a free slot, racquets and shoes to play. I lucked out! Just happen to be able to play on a real practice clay court in front of the Eiffel tower while the large crowd watched Serena Williams play live.

play tennisBefore I headed out the court I did a 5 min foam rolling prep in my hotel room on my quads and hip flexors as well as my shoulders to warm up, it felt amazing!

Welcome to Rolland Garros
Wear comfy running shoes or I have my Sanuk sandles on while in Paris.
rolland garros eiffil tower
Travel Roller at the Roland Garros courts in Paris, France

If you can get on a court to play -Might as well take a visit to see the Pro tennis players live at the Roland Garros Courts, easy access by metro.  Watching Nadal and Djokovic and Murray play live was pretty amazing inside the stadium. #rg15 #nadal #djokovic #rolandgarros

watching nedal and djokovitc
Watching Nadal and Djokovic live at Roland Garros


2) Walk the streets for hours on end sight seeing (Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur in comfortable shoes). Walking is a great way to get the lymphatic system working, its fun and easy. I walked for 8 hours on most days with breaks to fuel up on the finest pastries coffee and complete meals. Walking was great for burning off those extra pounds and working off the decadent, rich french food!

massage at the Louvre
If you love foam Rolling – then keeping your Travel Roller in your back pack is easy to get a quick massage in the most exotic location! Why not at the Louvre!


3) Park Workout -Try a park work along the Seine River. You will find some pull up bars and playground to do some pullup and dips, and steps ups and pushups on a bench. On your park workout try some handstands and foam rolling while picnicking  in front of the Eiffel Tower.

dstand in front of eiffel tower

4) Climb the Eiffel Tower Stairs -If you like climbing stairs, do the Eiffel Tower walk up. Its a great leg pump and adrenaline rush. You will not realize how high you are until you look down and see the giant Roland Garros Ball and the tiny buildings and people. The open air and being held up my metal scaffolding will make you appreciate the grand architectural feat of this epic monument which stands over 300 meters.

Effeil foam rolling
Terrified from walking up the stairs, rolling made me feel grounded and calm! lol
foam rolling on glass floor effeil tower
Try rolling on the 1st floor experience on the glass floor. Those are little people below. This is a bit scary actually!!
Rolling on Effiel tower
Foam Rolling on the Eiffel tower second floor. So high!

4) Roll out sore legs, feet and back in your hotel before or after a long day of touring. If your legs are feeling heavy, tight and immobile, then it could be a good idea to pull out your Travel Roller from your suitcase and roll your calves, quads, hips and back. You will be thankful you did for even 5 mins as it will give you that extra energy and muscular endurance you crave on a daily basis.

hotel workout
Foam Rolling recovery in Paris apartment

5) Rent an apartment to get a kitchenette VS a hotel. Food in Paris is expensive eating out! There are lots of grocery stores you can buy lots of food, with a small kitchenette you can avoid some of the busy restaurants and pack snacks and healthy breakfasts.  This will help you from gaining alot of weight while eating out every meal! Remember you are on vacation so ENJOY the delicious food but practice portion control on the baguette!

nutriton weight loss
Brunch at apartment in Paris

coffee and cakeBe happy and eat what you want! Go all out- Serotonin is the feel good happy hormone. Eat lots and be merry! Enjoy yourself!


Rolland Garros tennis
Rolling at Roland Garros
french open foam rolling
french open foam rolling

Enjoy your visit to Paris its a beautiful city. Remember to bring your travel roller and get rolling, stay fit and wear sunscreen!





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