Bikini Body Foam Rolling Fitness Workout in 1 min

Here are some great summer fun fitness tips you can do at home to stay in shape and feel fantastic! Check out this video for some for a quick mobility and strength training tips at home!



This Travel Roller time-lapse shows you how fun and easy you can incorporate your Travel Roller Kit into your daily life.  Just roll out a yoga mat and get rolling!!

Start by massaging  your feet with the Travel Roller Acupressure Balls and then use the Travel Roller to massage out sore aches and tight muscles in the calves, it band, hamstrings, quads, upper back, shoulders and neck. You don’t have to roll the entire body in that sequence and can just focus on one body part. Once you have mastered that, then rolling the whole body is fast and easy.  Next you can add some flexibility drills to stretch your hamstrings  with some joint mobilizations or some Pilates or Yoga moves.

Now that you are loose as a goose you need to strength and stabilize your body. Kettle bells are a great way to do a full body workout with some single and double arm basic kettle bell swings followed by more advanced Turkish get up moves.

If you are really fit, you might already know how to do handstands. If you don’t know how to do handstands start learning and progressing from the wall and practicing on the grass is a great way to find your balance point and strengthen those shoulders and feel happy like a kid again!

Get bikini and beach body ready by recovering more often and exercising smarter! To help you stay fit and flexible this summer with the Travel Roller Deluxe Kit!

Rachel McBride Triathlete

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