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Universal Grounding Mat – This is how we EARTH™

The nervous system is an electrical system that influences, stress, pain and sleep. Grounding potentially improves sleep, help manages pain, and normalizes cortisol (stress hormones) in order to reduce the stress response. A large amount of negative electrons from the earth shift the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic, “fight-or-flight” mode to the parasympathetic “rest-and-digest” mode.

Align, hydrate and restore

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! 💦Hydration is key to recovery and flushing out waste of the tissues through the kidneys. It also makes you feel more energized!! Stay hydrated while rolling and enjoy the sunshine!

Mind Body Health

What are you training today?!! Just a reminder you don’t need to be at the gym or on a diet to be working on your SELF. Constant never ending improvement can and should be achieved in all areas of self. MIND, HEART, BODY & SOUL! I challenge you to spend 5 mins to do a self assessment of these areas of your self!

Travel Roller Features

Simply; the Travel Roller is the best “regeneration and activation tool” that effectively treat fascia of the entire body!

Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Greece

Rejuvenating Cultural Retreat in Greece May 19 – 29, 2018 Imagine yourself being on a gorgeous and tranquil island, giving your body and mind the gift of time and reconnecting with yourself through yoga and mindfulness activities. Engage in an adventurous exploration that includes private tours exploring the traditional picturesque island of Skopelos. Experience the […]

Virtual Product Knowledge

Here are some brand new Virtual Product Knowledge information on all of the Travel Roller products, to help you understand the key features and what makes our products unique! These videos are also great for retailers looking to improve sales and enhance the consumer experience

Happy Birthday Canada 150 Years -10 Fun FACTS

We have Sponsored well over 150 Canadian Athletes. Many of the athletes have become successful Olympic Medalists. Canadian Winter sports Athletes from Bobsleigh athletes, Skeleton, Cross Country, Snowboarding, Downhill Skiing, Speed Skating and Hockey. Canadian Summer sports athletes from Volleyball Canada, Track & Field, Football, Wresting, Cycling, Triathlon and Rugby. We are thankful for all Canadians for all their support with the Travel Roller in turn helps us keep helping support Canadian Athletes

5 Best FIT pregnancy Foam Rolling Moves (2nd Trimester)

We will be launching a new Fit Mom Pregnancy you tube video every Monday. Arysta will be sharing her journey and tips how she stayed fit and managed pregnancy pain to “feel good” during her pregnancy. Stay tuned for Mobility Mom Mondays! #mobilitymom #fitmom #fitpregnancy #secondtrimester

Team Canada Rolls to Rio Olympics

Travel Roller has the privilege to be a proud sponsor of Team Canada for the last 3 years! Huge congratulations to them as they are representing Canada at the Rio Olympics! ‪

Love your Body -Keys to Self Love

These self-love strategies will empower you and take action by showing your body some love with a little Rest, Relaxation with some Foam Rolling and Exercise.

Fitness Friday: Five hacks for foam rolling by Golf Digest

That way you can start with a soft massage and gradually adjust the firmness when your muscles aren’t so sensitive to the pressure. This all-in-one massage kit from Travelroller is pretty handy.

New Foam Rolling Courses Added 2016

Learn to therapeutically foam roll like an expert with scientific myofascial release techniques used to speed recovery & manage injuries. Develop specific protocols to maximize muscle function, recover from injury, complement treatment, release tight muscles and allow athletes to perform at their best!

Fit Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays! Check out the Fit Holiday gifts from Travel Roller. Perfect Foam Roller recovery gifts that fit a wine bottle inside! Perfect for anyone! Don’t forget to pack your portable massage with you on vacation this Christmas season.

Pioneers of Portable Foam Rolling since 2007

Wow! It’s hard to believe that Travel Roller has been making high quality foam rolling and SMR products since 2007. We have helped heal and make the lives better of hundreds of thousands of people, athletes, teams and moms and office workers.

5 Tips to be thankful and be healthy

Research has proven that people who are more grateful take better care of themselves physically and mentally, get more exercise, eat healthier, engage in more preventative health maintenance like foam rolling and self-myofascial release is. So its time to get grateful and thankful!

Self Myofascial Release with Rob Ritches

We’ve featured Fitness Athlete Rob Riches in the Travel Roller blog before . The man is an absolutely incredible person and truly a leader in the fitness industry and check out those ripped abs. Here’s his personal take on self-myofascial release using his favorite stretching tool: the Travel Roller!

Top 3 Foam Roller Exercises for posture

There are so many great exercises you can do with your foam roller, here are the top ones you can not afford to miss out on, no matter your age, or skill level. Its time to put these moves into your rolling repertoire.

Bikini Body Foam Rolling Fitness Workout in 1 min

Get Bikini Ready. This time-lapse shows you how fun and easy you can incorporate mobility into your daily life. Just roll out a yoga mat and massage your feet and foam roll your entire body while getting in some stretching, and dynamic drills with a mobility band, handstands, kettle bell swings and Turkish get ups.

Total Body Foam Rolling Workout

A lot of people have heard of foam rolling – which is awesome. Foam rolling is a form of myofascial release, which is just a fancy word for working out the kinks and knots in the muscles. It’s the poor woman’s massage therapist.

How to Roll in Paris – 5 Tips to staying fit while traveling

Its easy to indulge while in Paris but there is lots you can do to stay fit and mobile while traveling. Here are some things I did to stay fit and make my routine exciting! Play Tennis in front of the Eiffel Tower during Roland Garros

Top 4 Foam Rolling Moves for Volleyball Recovery

Here is what these pros have to say… some Performance tips with Lucie and Marisa! Check out the new video with your favorite blockers!