Course 1 – Functional Foam Rolling: Level 1

Course 1 - Functional Foam Rolling™: Level 1 Foam rolling is an excellent self-massage strategy in the sports and clinical setting. It has become a therapeutic exercise used to speed recovery and address injuries. The Functional Foam Rolling courses will revolutionize foam rolling and evolve the foam roller techniques from the traditional self-massage strategy into a method for improving and restoring muscle function. FFR further standardizes foam rolling into a specific, reproducible method. This allows a practitioner, therapist, trainer and coach to develop specific protocols to maximize muscle function, recover from injury, complement treatment, release tight muscles and allow athletes to perform at their best. The Level 1 course will begin with a thorough theory lecture to ensure the attendee is completely versed in understanding foam rolling. This will cover topics such as basic physiology, foam rolling research, foam rolling technique, the what, who, why, how and where of foam rolling, tool comparisons, risk and benefits and foam rolling limitations.

Course 2 – Functional Foam Rolling: Level 2

Course 2 - Functional Foam Rolling: Level 2 Overview The level 2 course will teach you to apply the foam rolling basics learned in Level 1 and integrate the knowledge into a clinical, fitness and sports setting to achieve and permanently sustain complete neuromuscular function. The muscles in the body are complex and connected as a system so it becomes necessary to address the muscular system as a whole and address it completely and thoroughly to permanently restore and sustain muscle function with foam rolling.

This is HOW we ROLL® Introduction Class

This is how we roll® Beginner introduction class. 1-2 hrs. -Learn HOW to Body Roll properly & Effectively (This is How We Roll®) -Learn WHY & WHAT we Roll to: - Improve athletic performance - Reduce Stress & aid in Weight Loss - Improve posture & mobility - Reduce Body Pain and Injury

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