Evolution of the Foam Roller

The evolution of the foam roller The Travel Roller is the original evolution of portable, travel-friendly foam roller

The Travel Roller is the Original High Performance Portable Foam Roller. Designed for releasing muscle tension and improving mobility. This firm foam roller helps to alleviate pain, sore muscle, speed recovery and delivers deep tissue massage on the whole body to improve posture, energy and weight-loss.

Travel Roller® does not deform or lose its compression/shape/feel as the foam is a true closed cell foam & grippy property that unwinds Fascia.

EVA foam rollers or competing products to the Travel Roller soften considerably with use and this is a big difference with body rollers, users need the rollers to stay consistent over every session of rolling so they can develop the correct awareness of what is tight and how things are changing in there bodies. If the roller they are using is changing then they will be wasting their time rolling as they are only softening a foam roller instead of loosening their muscles.

If the Diameter is too big then it wont be effective in creating a physiological effect in release.

The Travel Roller ® is the evolution of the foam roller. With its 4.3″ ergonomically correct diameter and non deforming foam technology, you can achieve deep tissue massage on your entire body -restoring mobility faster & most efficiently.

Ergonomic 4.3 inches for neck
Ergonomic 4.3 inches for neck

Ergonomic 4.3 inches for neck

The TR4.3 is the most “ergonomically correct” body roller for all customers under 6’4″ in height. This is very important, as most competing products and even ‘normal’ foam rollers are far too big for people shorter than 6’4”. The rollers need to ‘fit’ into the tissues and joints of the body in the ergonomically correct fashion hence the 4.3 inches in diameter. If the customer is 6’5″ or taller then recommend they use a regular professional foam roller or the Travel Roller XL. Aspects such as the cervical vertebrae of the neck and thoracic vertebrae of the upper back are most effectively released using the ergonomically correct Travel Roller design.

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