Here is how you foam roll your calves to improve muscle soreness,  reduce tight knots in calves, sore feet and reduce leg cramps.  Feel improved energy and vitality return to your body in minutes by rolling through tired and tight calves. Restore and regenerate from head to toe on a daily basis with this exercise.

To roll your calves start by tripoding on your hands and sitting on the ground, positioning the Travel Roller under one calf muscle. You can increase the intensity by stacking the the other foot and crossing your legs at the angle as well as lifting your glutes off of the ground. You can further increase the intensity by rocking your ankle side to side while rolling back and forth.

The Travel Rollers grippy surface is amazing at grabbing the skin and shearing, for the most precise therapeutic foam roller release you can have next to real therapy.
Calf rolling exercise


Watch the Calf rolling video here —>

 If getting down on the ground is hard for you, you can put the Travel Roller on a coffee table or stool. Try this move:

Massage your calves on a stool or coffee table to help older populations rehab

Massage your calves on a stool or coffee table to help older populations rehab and work out kinks easier without straining your body or getting down to the ground to roll.

This is a great beginner exercise that practically anyone can try. The Travel Roller is a foam roller that is firm enough to get in deep to the calves to deliver a precise massage to hit all the right trigger point and to massage those sore muscles from walking, playing sports or wearing uncomfortable shoes.

This deep penetrating massage with this firm foam roller will deliver impressive compression to increase circulation and oxygen into the soft-tissue of the lower leg which can sometimes by hypoxic (without oxygen). All you need to do is apply compression with your own body weigh, adding a limb on top to create more compression and rocking side to side to create a shearing of the skin so you can get a change in the fascia of the sore muscle you are working.

Have fun and keep rolling!

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