Foam Roll your Hamstring Muscles

foam roll your hamstring muscles

Foam roll your hamstrings for sciatica pain and improving overall flexibility. Feel improved mobility so you can exercise and train harder with improved well being.

Watch the video how to foam roll your hamstrings here–>

Here is how you foam roll your hamstring muscles: Start by supporting your upper body with your arms and roll from your knees towards your glutes, back and forth, in a circular motion. For deeper release you can sit on a chair and position the Travel Roller deep within the hamstrings. Combine foam rolling stimulation with daily active stretching using the Travel Roller flexibility band located in the Travel Roller Deluxe Acupressure Kit.  This exercise will help lengthen the posterior fascial line of the leg which gets overly tight from sitting to long.  To use the band correctly,  use it dynamically. Explore your ROM (range of motion) while keeping your back on the ground and core tight.
Start with this beginner position and then progress to the advanced position while trying to perfectly straighten your hamstring and calves with the leg at a 90 degree angle to your laying body.  1) Beginner Hamstring stretch position: Move the leg up and down dynamically, working your way into the hamstring stretch.

Improved flexibility and posture.

2) Advanced Hamstring stretch position:  Aim for a perfectly straight leg with a past flat foot.  This may take a while to achieve but with practice and repetition, anything is possible, you just need to be consistent!

Use the Travel Roller on a firm chair -Easy to use for everyone, no mater the age or skill level


3) Use the Travel Roller on a firm chair -Easy to use for everyone, no mater the age or skill level. You can do this on a stable chair or a bench works best with your leg dangling over top. Try rocking it side to side.

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