Rolling for piriformis reliefRolling for piriformis relief

Glute function is imperative for healthy bodies, athletes, runners, crossfit, yoga and all walks of life. It gives us strength, makes the hip function and fills out our jeans nicely, so strengthen, lengthen and roll it out!

Rolling your Glutes and Piriformis, start by sitting on the center of the foam roller, with one foot crossed to the opposite knee. Place your hands on the floor to sport your upper body. With small precise movements rock and roll the glute on your bent leg. Try rolling 3 compartments of your glutes, 5 Rolls x 3. Rotating your body to create new angles, to get deeper into the layers of the glutes muscles.

Watch the beginner glute foam rolling exercise here—>


For added relief you can also use the Travel Roller Acupressure Balls to massage deep into the glutes for an even deeper trigger point release. Trying varing the different pressures with the 3 density balls provided in the Deluxe Acupressure Kit.  Start with the softest yellow ball, then progress to the medium orange ball and lastly if you are feeling brave to the red hardest ball.

Remember SMR (Self myofacial release) is a theraputic strategy, it should never be extremely painful or injuring. Please be cautious around the glutes to not irritate the sciatic nerve. Remember to be theraputic in your rolling strategy, enough pressure to create an physiological effect but not too much with the balls. That why the Travel Roller is the perfect amount of broad pressure on this delicate get muscular area of the body.

The benefit of rolling out the glutes consistently may also lead to better tone in the posterior and a more curvatious and functional booty for both men and women. So make sure you keep in rolling!!

For more advanced information on removing glute inhibition, watch the education with Dr. Emmons online.



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