IT Band

Iliotibial Tract (IT Band)
Strengthen you core and shoulders while rolling your ITband

Strengthen you core and shoulders while rolling your ITband

Do you want a strong core, healthy back, ripped abs and a supple and pain free body? With daily use of this tool over long periods of time, you can achieve this with the help of skilled therapy, nutrition and weight training.

Position your body on its side, supporting yourself on the hand or forearm, positioning the Travel Roller on your bottom thigh muscle, and your upper leg bent in front with your foot placed firmly on the ground. To stabilize your spine, engage your core and back muscles in a side plank position. Position the roller on the outside of your thigh. The Travel Roller technique does not advise rolling the It band back and forth aggressively. Rather position the roller on the IT band in a static compression and then rock your body forward and back on the quad to hamstring along the length of the IT band. Be precise and if it hurts too much, stop or put more weight on the supporting leg.

IT band syndrome: Typical pain and dysfunction shows pain and or ‘friction’ near the knee or along the length of the IT band. It is important to address the total tissue tone and health of the entire thigh muscles as opposed to the IT band in isolation. We often recommend focusing on releasing the quad muscles for 90% of the time and then performing a more shear-based technique on the IT band itself. This type of strategy delivers a more fascia smart release paradigm as opposed to going after the super strong IT band with direct rolling compressions. There are notable fitness professionals that do not recommend rolling the IT band at all, and we would have a similar strong opinion to work the IT band with more rocking and shear self myofascial release actions as compared to rolling its length.

Lateral Lines: The mighty IT band and all its superstitions! The lateral line encompasses the IT band as well as structures laterally below and above on the body. Combining the self-myofascial release work in concert with half moon stretches delivers an excellent interplay of release work and movement with breath. Combining this effort with understanding the breath has a lot to influence the rid cage and obliques, which are part of this line.

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