Most people shy away from rolling their quads because it hurts but …Did you know that rolling your quads can significantly help back pain?  Give it a try, you will feel the difference!

How to foam roll your Quads: Position yourself face-down in a front plank position with one thigh resting on top of the foam roller and the other leg/knee supported off the roller on the ground. Use your core to bridge and contract your abs, try to keep you spine and neck in neutral alignment.

Roll slowly back and forth on the foam roller, while adding subtle side to side rocking actions from just above your knee to just below your hips (hip flexors) Spend extra time on the areas that a very tight and painful, relax, breathe and allow your body weight to get deep into the quad muscles. The quads are very dense, over used and a large muscle group, so be sure to spend extra time in this area.

To add more intensity to the quad rolling try bending the knee you are rolling to create extra torque and stretch!

To relieve back pain, focus on the quads

To relieve back pain, focus on the quads

Superficial front line: This myofascial line encompasses the tibalis anterior, rectus femoris and the superficial abdominals, continuing up to the head neck. As opposed to being to detailed in the exact anatomical pieces we focus on the solutions to open this line. The tendency of this line is to pull the person down towards the tibialis and that is why we spend most of our time on the tibialis and quads to release the superficial front line.

Watch the beginner quad and IT band instructions here—>


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